Procure, Protect and Deliver

Commodity Procurement

Busuka Global is a trusted facilitator of gold, diamonds and copper trade on behalf of our buyers and sellers. Our transactions are based on CIF and FOB procedures. We take the responsibility to pay the taxes from the country of origin; we pay for insurance, we pay the shipping cost of goods, we pay for the seller’s return flight, visa, accommodation and security. We ensure that buyers and sellers feel comfortable working with us on these transactions.

Gold, Diamond & Copper Buyers:
Please send your letter of intent to

Gold, Diamond & Copper Sellers:
Please send your full corporate offer to

Commodity Safekeeping

Our safekeeping facilities accept gold, diamond and copper assayed by accredited refineries. Any commodities in our store are either sold or are in the process of being purchased. These goods are kept in our facilities while export documentation is being processed and unless under certain circumstances in a specific country, the paperwork takes anything between 2 and 5 working days. At Busuka Global, we take full responsibility for keeping clients’ goods safe from the mines in the country of origin up to the refinery of the final destination. We ensure that buyers get goods and sellers get money.    

Commodity safekeeping or SKR verification, please contact us at


Commodity Delivery Service

Once the paperwork is in place, we work with a reputable security company to ensure that goods are escorted to the relevant jet, airline or maritime companies. We ensure that Seller and Busuka Global representatives accompany goods to the final destination. We also use the tracking system to ensure the punctual delivery of services.

Commodities delivery services, please email us at


Busuka Invest opportunity:

  • African Mining Sector and on other continents
  • Gold Refinery, the high demand for gold refinery business make an attractive investment opportunity
  • Busuka offers  investment opportunities in Business Jet
  • Armoured Fleet investment can offer good returns on invested capital
  • Security investments have proved to be a substantial asset in a portfolio

Procure, Protect and Deliver